About The Real Easter Egg

Out of the 80 million chocolate Easter eggs sold each year in the UK, The Real Easter Egg is the first and only Fairtrade chocolate Easter egg to explain the Christian understanding of Easter.

We also give a sizeable donation from profits and Fairtrade Premium fees, to our farmers allowing them to invest in their community buying everything from school books and solar panels to providing fresh water.

The Real Easter Egg is now in its fourth year of production with more than 400,000 sold so far.


The Range

Original Real Easter Egg 2014 design

 Inside is a 24 page Easter story book, a Belgian milk chocolate egg and pack of Swiss Chocolate organic Chunky Buttons. A charity donation is made from each sale. There are three crosses on the front and under the lid there is a quote from the bible - the resurrection text from Mark chapter 16. £3.99 each delivered in boxes of 6.




Special Edition Premium Real Easter Egg (280g)

 A special edition Real Easter Egg. Inside is an olive wood holding cross from Bethlehem, an Easter message an extra thick Belgian Chocolate gold foiled egg (180g) and Meaningful milk Chocolate bar with a hint of natural orange (100g). The box has gold foil highlights and Celtic crosses. £9.99 each delivered in single boxes.





Sharing Box Real Easter Egg (400g)

Inside are 20 Midi eggs and 20 copies of the Easter story 8 page booklet. Midi-egg foil reads  'The Real Easter Egg. Christ is Risen.' Ideal for church services, assemblies or events where you have a budget of £1 per person. £19.99 each delivered in single boxes.





Not suitable for nut, lactose or gluten allergy suffers-see below.

The Real Easter Egg is made by The Meaningful Chocolate Company Ltd. In 2008 one of our co-founders, with a ten year record of promoting ethical trading and even longer working for the faith and voluntary sector, came up with the idea of The Real Easter Egg.

The Meaningful Chocolate Company Ltd developed the egg and with the help of bishops, schools and parents it was launched to a warm welcome in September 2010.

Joint the campaign today. More here.

Some questions people have asked us…

Is your chocolate allergy free?

None of the ingredients in our chocolate contain nuts/wheat/gluten. However, the place where our Eggs are wrapped does handle nuts and produces items containing wheat/gluten, therefore we cannot guarantee totally nut or gluten free chocolate.

Our chocolate contains natural ingredients. Our milk chocolate contains milk and so is not suitable for those with an allergy to lactose. There is also a trace of naturally occurring soy protein. 

Is the Real Easter Egg suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, our chocolate is made with natural cocoa butter and contains no vegetable fat substitutes.

Where does your you chocolate come from and where do you make them?

Our sugar comes from cooperatives in Paraguay and Beliz. Our cocoa from cooperatives in the Ivory Coast with additional higher quality beans, used to create our unique blend, from cooperatives in the Dominican Republic, Ghana, Peru, Panama and Equateur. The chocolate is made in Belgium. Our eggs are made in the UK 

Why is your chocolate not more healthy?

Our aim is to make chocolate that most people can enjoy as a treat and as part of a balanced diet. We use the best natural ingredients in our chocolate. If we replaced natural cocoa butter or sugar with highly processed artificial alternatives then fewer people would enjoy it. So we say enjoy our chocolate but be treat wise.

Why is your chocolate not 100% fair-trade?

All the cocoa and sugar used to make our chocolate is certified Fairtrade. Some ingredients are not yet available from Fairtrade supplies so no chocolate can be 100% Fairtrade.

Is your chocolate organic?

At present the introduction of organics is seen as a high risk to the livelihood of our farmers. Cocoa, the raw ingredient of chocolate, is very prone to diseases which, if not dealt with quickly, can wipe out the crop. In 1986 disease wiped out vast numbers of cocoa trees in Brazil.

It is worth noting that Fairtrade certification tends to be awarded to smaller farmers and cooperatives which often rely on natural crop protection as pesticides are expensive. There are over 2 million cocoa farmers in Africa.


Does you chocolate contain palm oil?

No. In the UK it is possible to add 5% vegetable fat to chocolate. Unlike some larger manufacturers, we don't add any palm oil or any other oils to our chocolate. It's just natural chocolate.