Buying your eggs

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Direct from us

You can buy directly from us (free delivery if you spend more than £45) here

Free Delivery if you order two sharing Boxes) here

Free Delivery if you order 3 Special Editions here



These online retailers offer fast delivery and telephone ordering, some sell singles (See Embrace below).


Special edition
Egg Hunt

Original, Sharing and Special Edition here

Embrace (The full range and singles)

Egg Hunt
Sharing Box
Special edition

TLM Trading


Local Shops



CLC, Christian bookshops and a number of Cathedrals shops have stocks. They often have the full range in larger quantities than supermarkets. To find your local shop use our Google shop hunter here you just type your postcode in and local shops will be listed.


Only the Original Egg is stocked by supermarkets. Larger branches of Tesco have stocks. Morrison’s also have eggs in most stores as do Waitrose. If you can’t see them on the shelves do ask and complain. Asda and Sainsbury's will not be joining them this year.

Tesco will be stocking about 120 eggs in most Superstores and Extras (not smaller stores). It is best to go to a store and buy them in person. If you can't see them on the shelves ask for them.

Morrison’s are stocking across the UK. Most stores will have 36 eggs.

Waitrose are stocking in a limited number of stores. Most stores will have supplies.


Other Chocolate


Twelve fine milk chocolate Marc de Champagne tru¬ffles in a dusting of dark chocolate.S ingle box £11.99 (£9 plus UK delivery at £2.99, included in the price). Just complete the delivery address and we will send to any address in the UK.

Sentiments bars

Each bar carries a special message. They come in cases of twelve. Order more than four cases from any of our Sentiments bars range and get 50p off per bar (£2.49 a bar) and free delivery. RRP £3 a bar.

Bar titles:

  • All you need is love and chocolate - milk
  • Just to say thanks -milk
  • Have a lovely day -milk
  • Love is patient love is kind -milk
  • Thinking of you -milk
  • Friends make you ... - milk
  • All you need is love and chocolate - dark